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12V 8.0Ah Rechargeable SLA Battery FO-02 Terminals
"Length 5.95 inches, Width 2.56 inches, Height 3.70 inches with FO-02-0.187 terminals."
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14% additional capacity compared to 12V 7 Ah, 7% more than 12V 7.5Ah battery and 11% compared to 12V 7.2 Ah battery. (In the same footprint)

Availability : Usually ships within one business day.
12 Months warranty.

Part Number:  BC127P2FO2
Voltage  12 V
Capacity (20 hr rate)  8.0 Ah
Weight  5.85 lbs
Length  5.95 inches
Width  2.56 inches
Height  3.70 inches
Color  Black
Maximum Charge current  2.16 A
Type  Valve Regulated Lead
  Acid battery (VRLA)
Terminals  FO-02, -0.187

Detailed Specification

This battery also used as for the following model equipment/batteries.

ACME Security System 621, ACME Security System 622, ACME Security System 623, ACME Security System 624, ACME Security System 625, ACME Security System 626, ACME Security System RB12V6, ADI / Ademco 4120EC, ADI / Ademco 4140XMP, ADI / Ademco 4140XMPT, ADI / Ademco 5140XM, ADI / Ademco PWPS1270, ADT Security 899953, APC 330XT PLUS, APC 360SX, APC 600, APC 600R, APC 600RM, APC APC400, APC APC420, APC BACKUP 200, APC BACKUP 2200, APC BACKUP 420PRO, APC BACKUP500, APC BACKUPS 280, APC BACKUPS 400, APC BACKUPS 420, APC BACKUPS500, APC BK, APC BK280B, APC BK300, APC BK400B, APC BK500M, APC BP, APC BP280IPNP, APC BP280PNP, APC BP280S, APC BP350, APC BP350U, APC BP420IPNP, APC BP420NP, APC BP420S, APC BP420SI, APC BP500 CLEAR, APC BP500U, APC GP1270, APC GP1270F2, APC LCR12V6.5, APC PERSONAL POWER CELL, APC PRO0350, APC RACKMOUNT 600, APC RBC14, APC RBC2, APC RBC22, APC RBK600, APC RVC12, APC SMARTCELLXR, APC SMARTUP 3000 (X2), APC SMARTUP 600, APC SMARTUPS 600R, APC SMARTUPS 600RM, APC SMARTUPS 700RM, APC SU420NET, APC SU450, APC SU450NET, APC SU600, APC SU700, APC SU700NET, APC SU700RM2U, APC UPS200, APC UPS300, APC UPS370CI, APC UPSTERT350, APC UXBP48M, ARJO 29181 CHAIR, ARJO CHAIR LIFT, AT&T 8000, Aequitron MCR9110, Aequitron MCR911D MUSCLE STIMULATOR, Air Shields Medical 2A NARCOMED ANESTHESIA UNIT, Air Shields Medical 2B NARCOMED ANESTHESIA UNIT, Air Shields Medical 3B ANESTHESIA UNIT, Alarm Lock RBAT6, Alpha Technology ALI 1000, Alpha Technology ALI 1250, Alpha Technology ALI 2400, Alpha Technology ALI 600, Alpha Technology ALI 800, Alton-Tol 2 MARK (MARK 2), Alton-Tol 5A000285000, Alton-Tol 8 SUPER RECORDER, Alton-Tol DASH 1, Alton-Tol DASH 2, Alton-Tol DASH 4, Alton-Tol MARK 2, Alton-Tol SUPER 8 RECORDER, Alton-Tol Z1000 RECORDER, American Hospital Su 9510 COMPUTER, American Hospital Su 9510 MONITOR, American Hospital Su 9510A MONITOR, Aritech BS326, Arrow International 320319, Arrow International 7300 CARDIAC, Arrow International 7300, Arrow International 7350 CARDIAC, Arrow International 7350 H INFANT MONITOR, Arrow International CARDIAC 7300, Arrow International CARDIAC 7350, Arrow International CARDIAC OUTPUT 7300, Arrow International CARDIAC OUTPUT 7350, Artromick Internatio MEDICINE CART, Astro-Med Inc. 8 ASTROMED SUPER RECORDER, Astro-Med Inc. ASTROMED RECORDER DASH I, Astro-Med Inc. I ASTROMED RECORDER DASH I, Astro-Med Inc. II ASTROMED RECORDER DASH II, Astro-Med Inc. II ASTROMED RECORDER MARK II, Astro-Med Inc. IV ASTROMED RECORDER DASH IV, Astro-Med Inc. Z 1000 GRAPHIC RECORDER, B & B Battery BP712, B & B Battery BP712T1, B & B Battery BP7512, BCI International 58200A VITAL SIGNS MONITOR, BCI International 6100 MONITOR, BCI International 700 MONITOR, BCI International BC1270, BCI International VITAL SIGNS MONITOR, Batteries Plus CLTXPAG12F, Batteries Plus XP1272, Battery-Biz B610, Best Technologies BAT0062, Best Technologies BAT0072, Best Technologies BAT0370, Best Technologies FORTRESS1050, Best Technologies LCR12V6.5BP1, Best Technologies LI660, Best Technologies SPS450VA, Bio-Medicus 540 BLOOD PUMP, Blue Grotto DIVING LIGHT, Blue Grotto ES7212, Blue Grotto LCR12V7, Blue Grotto NP712, Blue Grotto PS1270, Brentwood Instrument 261 VPD DEFIBRILLATOR, Brentwood Instrument VPD 261 DEFIBRILLATOR, Briggs & Stratton 497395, Briggs & Stratton WHISPER LITE, Brooks Equipment BAT127, Burke BIG BOY BED, CSB Battery GH1270, CSB Battery GP1265, CSB Battery GP1270, CSB Battery GP1270F2, CSB Battery GP1272, CSB Battery GP6512, Calcy International BP712, Cambell Hauser CC2200, Card Key D600, Cash Register Sales 203031 NO LEADS, Cash Register Specia BTP810, Chloride 12V7.0AH, Clary UPS11251GR, Clary UPS1125K1G, Clary UPS1125K1GSBS, Clary UPS1125K1GSBSR, Clary UPS115K1G, Clary UPS115K1GR, Clary UPS115K1GSBS, Clary UPS115K1GSBSR, Clary UPS11K1G, Clary UPS11K1GR, Clary UPS11K1GSBSR, Clary UPS125K1G,, Clary UPS1400VA1GSL,, Clary UPS1800VA1G,, Clary UPS1800VA1GR, Clary UPS1800VA1GSBS, Clary UPS1800VA1GSBSR, Clary UPS1800VA1GSL, Clary UPS800VA1GSBS, Clockmate Batteries PSLA1207, Codman 263001, Codman 500 CHART RECORDER, Codman 500 RECORDER, Codman CHART RECORDER 500, Conmed (Bard) CPSH4305 POWER PACK SYSTEM, Conmed (Bard) CPSH4322 POWER PACK SYSTEM, Conmed (Bard) POWERPAK SYSTEM, Country Home Product 46LAWN MOWER, Country Home Product BRUSH MOWER, Country Home Product FIELD, Critikon 320319, Critikon 7300 CARDIAC OUTPUT COMPUTER, Critikon 7300 CARDIAC, Critikon 7300, Critikon 7350 CARDIAC OUTPUT COMPUTER, Critikon 7350 CARDIAC, Critikon 7350, Critikon CARDIAC 7300, Critikon CARDIAC 7350, Cutter Labs 4000 INFUSION PUMP, Cutter Labs 4088, DTS 12V 6.5AH, DTS 12V 6.7, DTS 400, DTS 440, DTS 500, Dallans 4095 MONITOR/DEFIBRILLATOR, Dallas Instruments 744 TAPE, Dallas Instruments F44 TAPE SYSTEM, Dallas Instruments WWGS1245, Dantona LEAD127, Deltec Batteries PRA600, Dittmar 741314 IV LIFTER, Dittmar 741314 IV POWERLIFTER, Dittmar IV POWERLIFTER 741314, Douglas DG126, Douglas DG126.5, Douglas DG127, Douglas DG127F, Dual Lite 12621, Dual Lite DL712V, Dual Lite DL7S12V, Dyna Cell WP6.512, Dyna Cell WP712, Dynavolt 6FM65, Dyonics 40 ORTHOSCOPIC SURG, Dyonics 40, Dyonics 60 ORTHOSCOPIC SURG, Dyonics 85 ORTHOSCOPIC SURG, Dyonics 85, Dyonics ORTHOSCOPIC 40, Dyonics ORTHOSCOPIC 85, Dyonics ORTHOSCOPIC R60, Dyonics R40, Dyonics R60 ORTHOSCOPIC SURGICAL, Dyonics R85, Dyonics SURGICAL PWR UNITS, ELK Batteries ELK1270, ELS EDS1270, EPD Batteries 500, ERC 8101265, Eagle Picher Batteri CF12V45, Eagle Picher Batteri CF12V5.5, Eagle Picher Batteri CF12V5L, Eagle Picher Batteri CF12V6, Eagle Picher Batteri CF12V65, Eagle Picher Batteri CF12V72, Eagle Picher Batteri CFM12V65, Eagle Picher Batteri CFM12V7, Edwards 1212B065, Edwards 12V6.5, Edwards 1526, Edwards 1799118ST, Edwards 5759B060, Edwards ELITE, Edwards JC1260, Elsar 148, Elsar 150, Elsar 16244, Elsar 16246, Elsar 16250, Elsar 23064, Elsar 2318, Elsar 434, Emerson 30, Emerson ACCUPOWER 30, Emerson AP161, Emerson AP166, Emerson AU1000, Emerson AU1000RE, Emerson AU1500, Emerson AU1500RE, Emerson AU2100RE, Emerson AU750, Emerson AU750RE, Emerson UPS1250, Emerson UPS200, Emerson UPS600, Empire BNH1434, Empire EPP1447, Empire NP712, Exell Battery MP09371, Exell Battery PS1265, Exell Battery PS1270, Exell Battery UPS600 PLUS, Exell Battery UPS600, Fairstone Technologi B0407, Fairstone Technologi P1250, Fairstone Technologi P1250X, Fairstone Technologi P250, Fairstone Technologi P250F, Fairstone Technologi P500, Fairstone Technologi P500F, Fairstone Technologi P750, Fennex Batteries FX2002, Ferno (Mdt Corporati 1600 LIFT CHAIR, Ferno (Mdt Corporati 3000 LIFT CHAIR, Fire Control Instrum 1002311A, Fire Control Instrum B7R, Fisher 212Z ISOTEMP FREEZER, G1270, G670, GB1245, GB1270, GS Battery 12M4.5T, GS Battery GC1270, GS Battery PE12V6.5, GS Battery PE12V6.5F1, GS Battery PE12V65, GS Battery PE12V65F1, GS Battery PE12V7, GS Battery PE12V9FZ, GS Battery PE4512, GS Battery PE4512A, GS Battery PE612, GS Battery PE6512, GS Battery PE6512RF1, GS Battery PE712RF1, GS Battery PEA12V4.5F1, GS Battery PX12072, Gambro Engstrom 9651 SCALE KEBO, Gambro Engstrom SCALE 9651 KEBO, Gamewell 69113, Garden Way 55295, General Power GPS5006, General Scanning R15 PORTABLE RECORDER, Global Technology Sy GTSRBC12, Global Technology Sy GTSRBC2, Global Technology Sy GTSRBC5, Global Technology Sy GTSRBC8, Global Technology Sy GTSRBC9, Global Yuasa Batteri ES612, Global Yuasa Batteri ES6512, Global Yuasa Batteri ES712, Global Yuasa Batteri ES7212, Hewlett Packard M1700A ECG PAGEWRITER, Hitachi GP6512, Hitachi HP6512, Hitachi HP712, Hoffman Laroche 105 MONITOR, Hoffman Laroche 108 MONITOR, Hoffman Laroche 205 MONITOR, Hoffman Laroche 7141 MICROMONITOR ECG MON, Hoffman Laroche 7143 MICROMONITOR ECG MON, Hoffman Laroche 7640 MICROGAS BLOODGAS MON, Hoffman Laroche MICROGAS 7640 BLOODGAS MON, Hoffman Laroche MICROMONITOR 7141 ECG MON, Hoffman Laroche MICROMONITOR 7143 ECG MON, Hoffman Laroche MONITOR 105, Hoffman Laroche MONITOR 108, Hoffman Laroche MONITOR 205, Homelite HM20P5E, Hubbell PE612, IMEX Medical Systems 7000 PVL, Infrasonics 1010 ADULT STAR VENTILATOR, Infrasonics 1500 ADULT STAR VENTILATOR, Interstate ASLA1075, Interstate Batteries PC1270, Invivo Research In 1000 OMEGA BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR, Invivo Research In 1100 OMEGA BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR, Invivo Research In 1500 OMEGA 500 BLOOD PRESSURE, Invivo Research In 1500 OMEGA 5000 BLOOD PRESSURE, Invivo Research In 1600 OMEGA 500 BLOOD PRESSURE, Invivo Research In 1600 OMEGA 5000 BLOOD PRESSURE, Invivo Research In 500 OMEGA, Invivo Research In OMEGA 500 BLOOD PRESSURE 1500, Invivo Research In OMEGA 500 BLOOD PRESSURE 1600, Invivo Research In OMEGA 500, Invivo Research In OMEGA 5000 BLOOD PRESSURE 1500, Invivo Research In OMEGA 5000 BLOOD PRESSURE 1600, Invivo Research In OMEGA BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR 1000, Invivo Research In OMEGA BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR 1100, Johnson Controls GC1245, Johnson Controls GC1260, Johnson Controls GC12601, Johnson Controls JC1260, Jolt Batteries SA1272, Kelvinator Scientifi AUDIO ALARM, Kesea ADVENTURE BUGGY, Kidde Inc. 1002310A, Kontron 004615, Kontron 105 MONITOR, Kontron 205 MONITOR, Kontron 7142 ECG MICROGAS MONITOR, Kontron 7142 MICROMONITOR ECG MONITOR, Kontron 7640 BLOODGAS MON, Kontron 7640 MICROGAS, Kontron COMBO SENSONR, Kontron MICROGAS 7640, Kontron MICROMONITOR 7142 ECG MONITOR, Koyo NP712, Laerdal 1000 HEARTSTART TRAINING BATTERY, Laerdal 95 HEART AID, Laerdal HEART AID 95, Laerdal HEARTSTART 1000 TRAINING BATTERY, Leadman Batteries UPS500, Liebert AP166, Life Science LS5 MONITOR, Life Science VPD261 DEFIBRILLATOR, Light Alarms 8XJBRA, Light Alarms C18A6, Lintronics LCR12V6.5P, Lintronics MX12070, Lintronics NP712, Long Batteries WP6.512, Long Batteries WP712, MB5549, MLA1721I, Marquette 32132, Marquette 421559, Marquette DC612, Medasonics Inc. MEDACORD DOPPLER, Medimex 1500E MVP PORT VENTILATOR, Medtronic 200 BIOPACK, Medtronic 540 BLOOD PUMP, Mennon Medical 700 PORTABLE MONITOR, Mennon Medical 742 PORTABLE MONITOR, Mennon Medical 865 MONITOR/DEFIBRILLATOR, Mennon Medical 936 DEFIB, Mennon Medical 936 MONITOR, Mennon Medical 936 MONITOR/DEFIBRILLATOR, Mennon Medical 936050010, Mennon Medical 936S DEFIB, Mennon Medical 936S MONITOR, Mennon Medical 936S MONITOR/DEFIBRILLATOR, Mennon Medical 965 MON/DEFIB, Mennon Medical 965 MONITOR/DEFIBRILLATOR, Mennon Medical CARDIAC OUTPUT MON, Mennon Medical MONITOR/DEFIBRILLATOR 865, Mennon Medical MONITOR/DEFIBRILLATOR 936, Mennon Medical MONITOR/DEFIBRILLATOR 936S, Mennon Medical MONITOR/DEFIBRILLATOR 965, Mennon Medical PORTABLE MONITOR 700, Mennon Medical PORTABLE MONITOR 742, Merich Batteries 400, Merich Batteries M1200, Merich Batteries PE6512R, Merich Batteries UPS400, Microups 30, Minuteman B00007, Minuteman E1500, Minuteman E15001, Minuteman E750, Minuteman E7501, Minuteman EBP1 BATTERY PACK, Minuteman EBP3 BATTERY PACK, Minuteman MBK320, Minuteman MBK3201, Minuteman MBK520, Minuteman MBK5201, Minuteman MCP 10000, Minuteman MCP 10001, Minuteman MCP 1000RM E, Minuteman MCP 2000IRM E, Minuteman MCP 2000RM E, Minuteman MCP 3000IRM E, Minuteman MCP 3000RM E, Minuteman MCP 6001, Minuteman MCP 700IRM E, Minuteman MCP BP1000, Minuteman MCP BP1000RM, Minuteman MCP BP2000, Minuteman MCP BP2000RM, Minuteman MCP BP3000, Minuteman MCP BP3000RM, Minuteman MCP BP5000, Minuteman MCP BP7000, Minuteman MCP1000 E, Minuteman MCP1000I E, Minuteman MCP1000IRM E, Minuteman MCP2000 E, Minuteman MCP2000I E, Minuteman MCP3000 E, Minuteman MCP3000I E, Minuteman MCP5000I E, Minuteman MCP6000, Minuteman MCP700 E, Minuteman MCP7000I E, Minuteman MCP700I E, Minuteman MCP700RM E, Minuteman PRO 320, Minuteman PRO 3201, Minuteman PRO 520, Minuteman PRO 5201, Minuteman XRT600, Moose B1260, Napco Alarms RBAT6, National Battery CO6A, National Power Corp GT026P4, Newark 87F637, Newark 96F990, Newark JC1265, Newark NP712, Newmax FNC1270, Newmax FNC1270A, North American Drage 2A ANESTHESIA MACHINE, North American Drage 2B ANESTHESIA MACHINE, North American Drage 3 ANESTHESIA MACHINE, North American Drage 3B ANESTHESIA MACHINE, North American Drage ANESTHESIA MACHINE 2A, North American Drage ANESTHESIA MACHINE 2B, North American Drage ANESTHESIA MACHINE 3, North American Drage ANESTHESIA MACHINE 3B, North American Drage ANESTHESIA MACHINE B, North American Drage B ANESTHESIA MACHINE, North Supply 782073, North Supply 782365, North Supply S782068, North Supply S782073, North Supply S7882073, Notifier PE612, Notifier PE6512, Notifier PE712, OEC Medical Systems 85 POWER UNIT, Ohio Medical Product 5000 OXIMETER, Ohio Medical Product OXIMETER 5000, Oneac 1300, Oneac 1BP107, Oneac 1BP207, Oneac 1BP407, Oneac 1BP607, Oneac 2000, Oneac 350059, Oneac 400XR, Oneac 600, Oneac 900, Oneac BT, Oneac BT2PAC, Oneac BT4PAC, Oneac ON1300, Oneac ON1300XRA, Oneac ON2000, Oneac ON2000XRA, Oneac ON400XR, Oneac ON400XRA, Oneac ON600, Oneac ON600XRA, Oneac ON900, Oneac ON900XRA, Oneac ONEBP107, Oneac ONEBP207, Oneac ONEBP407, Oneac ONEBP607, Oneac UP1103, Optronics A5712, PACE 300 MINIPACK, PACE 3000 MINIPACK, PACE 3100 MINIPACK, PACE 800+ VITALMAX, PACE MINIPACK 300, PACE MINIPACK 3000, PACE MINIPACK 3100, PACE VITALMAX 800 +, PS1270, Panasonic BT2007P, Panasonic LCR126R5PG, Panasonic LCR127R2CHI, Panasonic LCR127R2P1, Panasonic LCR127R2PU2, Panasonic LCR12V6.5, Panasonic LCR12V6.5BP1, Panasonic LCR12V6.5P, Panasonic LCR12V6.5PBP, Panasonic LCR12V65BP1, Panasonic LCR12V7.2P, Panasonic LCR12V72P1, Panasonic LCR4512P, Panasonic LCR6012PF, Panasonic LCV12V65BP, Panasonic PCR129P1, Panasonic PM1270, Panasonic VB2650, Panasonic VB42050, Panasonic VB43130, Parasystems 1000, Parasystems 1200, Parasystems 250, Parasystems 3000CP, Parasystems 300SS, Parasystems 600SS, Parasystems A300, Parasystems A425, Parasystems A750, Parasystems AT650, Parasystems BA12V7, Parasystems BP48V13, Parasystems CP1K, Parasystems CP2K, Parasystems CP3K (208V ONLY), Parasystems CP500, Parasystems LCR12V6.5BP1, Parasystems LCR12V6.5P1, Parasystems MM1200, Parasystems MM300, Parasystems MM3000CP1, Parasystems MM300SS1, Parasystems MM450, Parasystems MM850, Parasystems PML1250, Parasystems PML600, Parasystems PML900, Parks Medical 1010 BIDIRECTIONAL DOPPLER, Parks Medical 1102 COMPRESSOR, Parks Medical 1103 COMPRESSOR, Parks Medical 1105 COMPRESSOR, Parks Medical 3000 MINI LAB #4, Parks Medical COMPRESSOR 1102, Parks Medical COMPRESSOR 1103, Parks Medical COMPRESSOR 1105, Power Battery ES6512, Power Battery ES712, Power Battery PM127, Power Equipment 46LAWN MOWER, Power Equipment BRUSH MOWER, Power Equipment FIELD, Power Source 1235, Power Star Batteries GB1265, Power Tank MX12070, Powersonic PC1270, Powersonic PS1235, Powersonic PS1245, Powersonic PS1260, Powersonic PS1265, Powersonic PS1270, Powersonic PS1270F1, Powertron H1X6XST, Powertron PE712RF1, Prism GH1270, Protection One BT0003N, Protection One BT1053N, Pyrotronics 175085054, Quantum ES6512, R&D 5383, R&D 5390, R&D 5505, R&D 5549, RICO ASPIRATOR, RICO GC1245, Radionics 8012, Radionics 8100, Radionics D126, Radionics D12612V, SBS S1270, SCI 10023118, SEC Microlyte SEC127, SLA1265, SLA1272, SLAA80108G, Safe Power 650, Safe Power S300, Safe Power SM650, Saft 47319101000, Saft 47786101000, Saft BLOOD FLOW MONITOR, Saft PB1260, Saft PHYSIOLOGICAL MON., Saft SP1405 PHYSIOLOGICAL MONITOR, Saft SP1405, Saft SP2004 BLOOD FLOW MONITOR, Saft SP2009 RECORDER, Schuco Inc. 138 ASPIRATOR, Scooter SPS500AT, Sears / Craftsman 14485500, Sears / Craftsman 900797730, Sebra 1070 TUBE SEALER, Sigma 4000 INFUSION PUMP, Signtek QUICKUPS1000, Signtek SSA120, Silent Knight 6712, Siltron EM56, Siltron EM56CH, Simplex 20819272, Simplex 2350, Simplex 4002, Snorkel Scooter 41, Sola Batteries 2993638601, Sonnenschein 07190432, Sonnenschein 0789543200, Sonnenschein 15 10KW, Sonnenschein 1510KVA, Sonnenschein 95432, Sonnenschein A212/5.7S, Sonnenschein A212/6.0S, Sonnenschein A212/6S, Sonnenschein A312/5.7S, Sonnenschein A512/6.5S, Sonnenschein A51265S, Sonnenschein A5127.0S, Sonnenschein CR127.2, Sonnenschein M400, Sonnenschein M84001A5120065S, Sonnenschein MICRO 360, Sonnenschein NGA51206D5HSOSA, Sonnenschein PERSONAL 7000, Sonnenschein POWERWARE PLUS 18, Sonnenschein PRM450A, Sonnenschein PS1242, Sonnenschein PS1270, Sscor 10002 PORTABLE SUCTION UNIT, Sscor 30002 PORTABLE SUCTION, Sscor 3001, Sscor 30011, Sscor 30012, Sscor 40002 PORTABLE SUCTION, Sscor 40013, Sscor 40014 SSCORT4 PACVAC, Sscor 90022 SUCTION, Sscor AE6960, Sscor AE6969 SSCORT II, Sscor IV SSCORT, Sscor PACVAC SUCTION UNITS, Sscor SSCORT II AE6969, Sscor SSCORT IV, Sscor SSCORT JR, Sscor SSCORT SUCTION UNITS, Sscor VAC STAT SUCTION UNITS, Sscor VACSTAT PORTABLE SUCTION, Sunrise Medical Corp BIOMEDICS CONTROLLER 350000, Surgidyne 50022E VARIDYNE, System Power Special LCR12V6.5BP, TEC FDS100, TEC FDS200 SEALED LEAD, TEC FDS200, TEC FDS200CPU, TEC FDS300CPU, TEC H1700, TEC H1700F, TEC HP82B132304, TEC NP712, TSI Power 3150, Teal 1180007, Teal S127, Technacell EP1250, Technacell EP1260, Technacell EP126026, Technacell EP1265, Technacell EP1270, Technacell EP127026, Technacell TC1075, Technacell TC1270, Teledyne Big Beam S127, Telesys DB127, Tempest ES6512, Tempest ES712, Tempest TR712, Toledo Scales 11617600A SCALE, Toledo Scales INFANT SCALE, Topaz CUB550, Toshiba 1200 3 KVA, Toshiba 1200 5KVA, Toshiba 1200 MODEL 3, Toshiba 1200 SER.5KVA OPT, Toshiba 500, Toshiba 5KVA 240 VOLT, Toshiba 5KVA208 VOLT, Toshiba 750, Toshiba ECB1U12030U, Toshiba PR00015P31, Trio Lighting TL930035, Tripplite Batteries 360SX, Tripplite Batteries BC250, Tripplite Batteries BC250/230, Tripplite Batteries BC325, Tripplite Batteries BC400, Tripplite Batteries BCPRO250, Tripplite Batteries BCPRO600, Tripplite Batteries PS4.5, Tripplite Batteries PS6.0, Tripplite Batteries PS8.0, Ultra Tech IM1270, Ultra Tech UT1270, Union Battery MX12070, Union Battery PW1207, Unipower UB12070, Unison MPS1200, Unison MPS1500, Unison PS6.0, Unison PS8.0, Universal Battery UB1270, Upsonic LAN 100, Upsonic LAN 150, Upsonic LAN 60, Upsonic PC MIGHT 35, Upsonic PC MIGHT 55, Upsonic PCM140, Upsonic PCM140VR, Upsonic PCM200, Upsonic PCM200VR, Upsonic PCM35, Upsonic PCM55, Upsonic PCM55R, Upsonic STATION 140, Upsonic STATION 200, Upsonic STATION 28, Upsonic STATION 40, Upsonic STATION 60, Upsonic SYSTEM 100, Upsonic SYSTEM 300, Upsonic SYSTEM 60, Upsonic UPS1250, Upsonic UPS200, Upsonic UPS600, Varidyne 50022E VACUUM CONTROLLER, Viteq 386 LAN, Viteq BENCHMARK 386 LAN, Yuasa NP612, Yuasa NP712, Yuasa NP8512, Yuasa NPG126.0, Yuasa NPX35, Zapotek RX501N, Zapotek RX50IN, Batteries Plus 12V75A,  Interstate ABSL1075,  Interstate Batteries PC1270,  Panasonic LCR12V72BP, Powersonic PC1270, R&D 5390FS

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Alpha Technologies
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* Check the voltage, dimension and the terminal type of the battery you need before ordering.

* If you are not sure of what battery to order call us at Toll free: (877) 394-3941.

* Some systems may require additional connectors.  Existing connectors may be used if they are in good condition.

* Safety is the most important thing. Learn about battery safety before you install.

* Used batteries have to be disposed properly.

* We do offer free battery disposal service when you buy batteries from us.  In the comments section request for this service when you order.



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