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6V 4.5Ah Rechargeable SLA Battery
"Length 2.76 inches, Width 1.85 inches, Height 3.98 inches. Terminals: FO-02, 0.187."
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Part Number:  BC065P0
Voltage  6 V
Capacity (20 hr rate)  4.5 Ah
Weight  2.05 Lbs
Length  2.76 inches
Width  1.85 inches
Height  4.21 inches
Color  Black
Maximum Charge current  1.50 A
Type  Valve Regulated Lead
  Acid battery (VRLA)
Terminals   FO-02, 0.187

Detailed Specification

This battery is also a replacement for the following models.

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PE46,GS Battery PE46R,GS Battery PE46RF1,GS Battery PE6V4,GS Battery PE6V4F1,GS Battery PE6V4WS,Global Yuasa Batteri ES46,Hi Light 3901,Hitachi HP46,Hitech HT640,Holophane M2,Holophane M3,Hubbell 1200005,  Hubbell HE612,Hubbell N4615,Hubbell PUP,Hubbell PUPXXXX,Impact Instrumentati 305 SUCTION PUMP,Impact Instrumentati 305G SUCTION PUMP,  Impact Instrumentati 305GR SUCTION PUMP,Impact Instrumentati 315 SUCTION PUMP,Impact Instrumentati SUCTION PUMP 305,Interstate ASLA0905,Interstate Batteries BP640,Interstate Batteries PC640,Johnson Controls GC640,Johnson Controls JC640,Jolt Batteries JP640,Jolt Batteries SA645,Kobe GP642,Koyo NP46,LCR6V4P,  Ladd Steritak J3000 INTER CRANIAL PRESSURE MONITOR,Lectro Science 500000CP,Life Line H102 COMMUNICATOR,Life Line HC102 AUTODIAL,  Life Line HC102 HOME UNIT,Light Alarms 2DM3,Light Alarms 2DS3,Light Alarms 2FL1,Light Alarms 2MS,Light Alarms 2RC1,Light Alarms 5E15AA,Light Alarms 5E15BF,Light Alarms 5E15BK,Light Alarms 5E15BL,Light Alarms 5E15BS,Light Alarms 6600004,Light Alarms 8600004,Light Alarms 8600016,Light Alarms B200X7,  Light Alarms CA,Light Alarms CE15AA,Light Alarms CE15BF,Light Alarms CE15BK,Light Alarms CE15BL,Light Alarms CE15BN,Light Alarms CE15BS,  Light Alarms DM3,Light Alarms DS3,Light Alarms E8W,Light Alarms H1,Light Alarms KB1,Light Alarms KB13CP,Light Alarms L1,Light Alarms LCR6V4P,Light Alarms LL6,Light Alarms RC,Light Alarms RSQG,Light Alarms RSQGD,Light Alarms RX7,  Light Alarms RXE8,Light Alarms SDS3,Light Alarms SGLD,Light Alarms SGQ,  Light Alarms SQL,Light Alarms U8,Light Alarms UX7,Light Alarms UXE8,Light Alarms UXE8A,Light Alarms X7,Light Alarms XE6,Light Alarms XE8,Light Alarms XE9,Lintronics MX06040,Lintronics NP46,Lithonia 303S13,Lithonia 6ELM2,  Lithonia AP,Lithonia AS,Lithonia ELB06042,Lithonia ELM,Lithonia ELM2,  Lithonia ELM2S13,Lithonia EMB20605,Lithonia EMBSC0642,Lithonia FAP,  Lithonia FAS,Lithonia LLBE2,Lithonia Q4,Lithonia XP,Lithonia XSXPEL,  Long Batteries WP46,MB5338,MDT Corporation 4900 E OR TABLE,McGaw 2001 INTELL PUMP/INFUSOR,McGaw 521 INTELLIGENT PUMP,McGaw 521 PLUS,  McGaw 522 INTELLIGENT PUMP,McGaw 821 INTELLIGENT PUMP,Microlite FT3412,Monaghan Medical RESPIRATORY THERAPY UNIT,Monaghan Medical TVS SPIROMETER,Mule 6GC0121,Mule 6GC012D,Mule 730001,Mule BKM2,  Mule EP,Mule GC640EXIT,Mule PE46,Murray Ohio Mfg 42910X92A,National Battery C12C,National C12A,National C12AD,National Power Corp GS012P1,  National Power Corp GS012P2,National Power Corp GS012P3LL,Nellcor N1000 PULSE OXIMETER (USES 2 BATTERIES),Nellcor NPB196,Nellcor OXIMETER,  Nellcor PULSE OXIMETER N1000 (USES 2 BATTERIES),Newark 44F7562,  Newark 89F4524,Newark JC640,Newark NP46,Newmax FNC640,Nite Lite NL640,  North Supply 782076,North Supply 782374,North Supply S782076,Ohio Medical Product 504US PULSE OXIMETER,Omnibot 2000,Omnibot 5402,Optronics A5006,  Orion 1020 SODIUM POTASIUM ANALYZER,Orion ELECTROLYTE ANALYZER,Orion SKIN ANALYZER,Orion SODIUM POTASIUM ANALYZER 1020,Panasonic LCPB064P,Panasonic LCR064PUL,Panasonic LCR064R2CH,Panasonic LCR064R2P,  Panasonic LCR065P,Panasonic LCR606P,Panasonic LCR6V4,Panasonic LCR6V4ET,  Panasonic LCR6V4MC2,Panasonic LCR6V4ML2,Panasonic LCR6V4P,Panasonic LCR6V5P,Panasonic LCRB0604P,Panasonic LCRB064P,Parks Medical 1050 DOPPLER (NEWER MODELS),Picker International 502,Power Battery ES46,  Power Battery PM64,Power Star Batteries GB640,Powermate PM640F1,Powersonic PS640 PUSHON TERM,Powersonic PS640,Powersonic PS640 W/SPADE TERM, Powersonic PS640F,Powersonic PS640F1,Powersonic PS640FP,Powersonic PS642,  Powertron PE46RF1,Powertron PS640,Prescolite E56060,Prescolite E820060800,  Prescolite E82080800,Prescolite EM EXITS,Prescolite EMEXEDM,Prescolite ERB0604,Prescolite RB,Prescolite RB6V4,Prescolite RB6VDC4AH,Protection One BT1040N,Pulse Oximeter MP46,Pulse Oximeter MPB190,Quantum ES46,Quest Medical 521 PLUS VARIABLE PRESS INTELL PUMP IV,Quest Medical IV PUMP,  R&D 5269,R&D 5374,R&D 5637,R&D LCR065P,RCL RCL3000,SBS S640,SEC Microlyte SEC64,SL Waber Batteries POWERHOUSE 420T,SL Waber Batteries UPSTART,SLA640,Sentry Lite 09985,Sentry Lite PM640,Sentry Lite SCR52520,  Sevler INFLATER,Sheng Yang SY640,Sheng Yang SY650,Sho-Me 090985,Sho-Me 09985,Sigma 4000 INFUSION PUMP,Silent Knight 5207,Siltron EM40L,Siltron SN640,Siltron SQE6,Siltron WXET,Sinan Industrial SN640,Skytech SC46,Sola Batteries 2993522102,Sola Batteries A5064,Sola Batteries Q1,Sola Batteries Q2,Sola Batteries Q3,Sola Batteries UPS/2500A,Sonnenschein 07895391,Sonnenschein 1000010145,Sonnenschein 103101,Sonnenschein 103103,Sonnenschein 3TX25,  Sonnenschein 6V/4AHSP,Sonnenschein 6V4.6,Sonnenschein 6V4.6AH,Sonnenschein A206/3.8SK,Sonnenschein A206/4,Sonnenschein A206/4.0K,Sonnenschein A5004.0S,  Sonnenschein A506/4.0S,Sonnenschein A5064,Sonnenschein CR64.5,Sonnenschein DM1,Sonnenschein DM2,Sonnenschein LCR6V4P,Sonnenschein LCR6V4PL,  Sonnenschein LCR6V5P,Sonnenschein M126,Sonnenschein Q4,Sonnenschein S200,  Sonnenschein S300,Sonnenschein S6246IS (NEEDS ASLA0905&ASLA0902),  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TR46, Thomas 107CDC20 SUCTION MACHINE, Topin TR6V4, Tork CYL1LA, Trio Lighting TL930007, Tripplite Batteries BC250, Tripplite Batteries BC400LAN, Tripplite Batteries SMART UPS 400, Tripplite Batteries TM420, Tripplite Batteries TOUCHMASTER 420, Union Battery MX06040 W/OUT PLUG, Union Battery PW0604, Unison Batteries 600, Unison Batteries DP1000, Unison Batteries DP800, Universal Battery UB56F, Universal Battery UB645, Universal Battery WP56F, Upsonic LAN 40, Vector 750, Vision CP645, W. W. Grainger 5VC01,  W. W. Grainger 5VC03, W. W. Grainger 5VC21, W. W. Grainger 5VC22, Wang Batteries POWERUPS 250, Welch Allyn 5200, Welch Allyn 520084, Yuasa 121, Yuasa EL401, Yuasa NP46, elan MB6V

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