12V 1.3Ah Rechargeable SLA Battery

"Length 3.82 inches, Width 1.69 inches, Height 2.05 inches with FO-01, 0.187 terminals."

| SKU: BC121P3

$16.76 $9.95

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CLTXPA1213F Batteries Plus XP1213 BCI International 515 RESPIRATORY MONITOR BCI International RESPIRATORY MONITOR 515 Bio Logic Devices 820 Bio Logic Devices OCILLOMATE 820 Biologic BIO FEEDBACK Birtcher 6464000 HARVARD PCA PUMP Birtcher HARVARD PCA PUMP 6464001 Birtcher Medical Sys PCA1 Birtcher Medical Sys PCA1 PUMP Camino Labs 412 Camino Labs 412 MONITORS Camino Labs 412 PULSE MONITOR Camino Labs 412 PULSE OXIMETER Camino Labs 420 Camino Labs 420 INTRACRANIAL Camino Labs 420 MONITORS Camino Labs 4206 PRESSURE MONIT Camino Labs 420XP Camino Labs 420XP PRESSURE MONIT Cardiac Resuscitator 1000 HEART AID Cardiac Resuscitator 28500500 Cardiac Resuscitator 53 PACE AID Cardiac Resuscitator HEART AID 1000 Cardiac Resuscitator PACE AID 53 Clockmate Batteries PSLA1201.2 Continental Scale 5000 SYSTEM I BLOOD PUMP Criticare Systems 500 Criticare Systems 500 PULSE OXIMETER Critikon 1000 VITAL BEDSIDE MONITOR Critikon 1000 VITANET Critikon 1000 VITANET BEDSIDE UNIT Critikon 2000 VITAL BEDSIDE MONITOR Critikon 2000 VITANET Critikon 2000 VITANET BEDSIDE UNIT Critikon 2200 VITAL BEDSIDE MONITOR Critikon 2200 VITANET Critikon 2200 VITANET BEDSIDE UNIT Critikon VITAL BEDSIDE MONITOR 1000 Critikon VITAL BEDSIDE MONITOR 2000 Critikon VITAL BEDSIDE MONITOR 2200 Critikon VITANET BEDSIDE UNIT 1000 Critikon VITANET BEDSIDE UNIT 2000 Critikon VITANET BEDSIDE UNIT 2200 CSB Battery GH1212 CSB Battery GP1212 CSB Battery GP1213 Dantona LEAD 12V 1.3P Data Shield SS400 Devilbiss 7304A Devilbiss 7304A VACU AIDE Devilbiss 7304D VAC AID Devilbiss 73104D618 Devilbiss COMPACT SUCTION Devilbiss VAC U 8 7304D Dittmar 28500530 Dittmar 742102 WEIGHMOBILE Douglas DG121.2 Douglas DG1212F Dyna Cell WP1.212 Dyna Feed EP100 FEEDING PUMP Dyna Feed EP100 PUMP Eagle Picher Batteri CF12V1 Eagle Picher Batteri CF12V1L Eagle Picher Batteri CG12V1L Edwards B1212 Elan Pharma KM60 Elan Pharma KM60 PUMP Elan Pharma KM70 Elan Pharma KM70 PUMP Elan Pharma KM80 Elan Pharma KM80 PUMP ELK Batteries ELK1212 ELS EDS1212 Elsar 142 Elsar 16238 Empire NP1212 Enpower AT POWER SUPPLY Enpower EP1048 Global Election Syst ACCUVOTE Global Yuasa Batteri ES1212 GS Battery PE1.212R GS Battery PE1112R GS Battery PE1212R GS Battery PE1212RF1 GS Battery PE12V1.2 GS Battery PE12V1.2F1 GS Battery PE12V12 Healthdine 2000 TEMPERATURE MONITOR Healthdine TEMPERATURE MONITOR 2000 Healthtek Inc. 3000 EMS Hitachi HP1212 Impact Instrumentati 700 UNIVENT VENTILATOR Impact Instrumentati 701 UNI-VENT VENTILATOR Impact Instrumentati 706 UNIVENT Impact Instrumentati 706 UNIVENT VENTILATOR Impact Instrumentati 707 UNIVENT VENTILATOR Impact Instrumentati UNIVENT 706 Inements Dicam PSUA Infrasonics 100 Infrasonics 100 INFANT STAR VENTILATOR Innovonics BAT603 Innovonics FA525 Interstate Batteries ASLA1005 Ivy Biomedical Syste 504 RECORDER Johnson Controls GC1212 Johnson Controls JC1212 Knight Medical KM60 PUMP Knight Medical KM70 PUMP Knight Medical KM80 PUMP Laerdal 1000 HEART AID Laerdal 29510031 Laerdal 53 PACE AID Laerdal 880000 COMPACT SUCTION PUMP Laerdal AE 7000 COMPACT SUCTION UNIT Laerdal HEART AID 1000 Laerdal PACE AID 53 Laerdal SUCTION PUMP (COMPACT) Laerdal SUCTION PUMP (MINI) Laerdal Medical 005 Laerdal Medical 285 Laerdal Medical HEART AID 285 Lintronics MX12012 Lintronics NP1212 Long Batteries WP1.212 Marquette 1200 RESPONDER MON/DEFIB (LEAD ACID) Marquette 1500 RESPOND Marquette 900 RESPONDER MON/DEFIB (LEAD ACID) Marquette EMS BP711 BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR Marquette MAC VU 3 CHANNEL EKG Marquette MAC VU CART ECG MONITOR Medtronic VSM 3 VITAL SIGNS MONITOR MLA Medical Lab Auto 5 PATIENT MONITOR Moose B1212 Napco Alarms MA1000E Napco Alarms MA1000E PAK Napco Alarms RBAT1.2 National Power Corp GT008T3 Newark 44F7567 Newark NP1212 Newmax FNC1212 North Supply 782346 North Supply 782366 Optima Batteries SLA1005 PACE 53 GEL 2112 PACE 53 PACE AID Panasonic LCR121R3 Panasonic LCR121R3PU Panasonic LCR12V1.2P Panasonic LCR12V1.3P Panasonic PCR121R3PU Parks Medical 806CA DOPPLER Parks Medical 811AL DOPPLER Parks Medical 811B DOPPLER Parks Medical 811H DOPPLER Parks Medical 909 Parks Medical 909 DOPPLER Parks Medical 915AL DOPPLER Parks Medical 915L Parks Medical 915L DOPPLER Parks Medical 917 DOPPLER Parks Medical 918 DOPPLER Parks Medical DOPPLER 806CA Parks Medical DOPPLER 811AL Parks Medical DOPPLER 811B Parks Medical DOPPLER 811H Parks Medical DOPPLER 909 Parks Medical DOPPLER 915AL Parks Medical DOPPLER 915L Parks Medical DOPPLER 917 Parks Medical DOPPLER 918 Parks Medical DUAL DOPPLER Parks Theraputic Med 811AL Parks Theraputic Med 811AL DOPPLER Parks Theraputic Med 811B Parks Theraputic Med 811H Physio Control 3 VSM CARDIAC MONITOR Physio Control VSM 3 CARDIAC MONITOR Physio Control VSM MONITOR Power Battery PM121.2 Power Star Batteries GB1212 Powersonic PS1212 Powersonic PSA81552 Powertron PE1212RF1 Powertron PE6V1F1 Powertron PS12120 Protection One BT0010N Quantum ES1212 R&D 5383 R&D 5388 R&D 5396 R&D 5533 R&D 5551 R&D LCR121R3 Radiometer America OXY1 Radiometer America OXY3 Radiometer America PULSE OXIMETER Revco Scientific FREEZER BACKUP Roman Labs NEBULIZER Sandoz Nutrition 199225 COMPAT ENTERAL FEEDING PUMP SBS S1212 Scale Tronix 2500 Scale Tronix 2500 SCALE Schuco Inc. 135 PORTABLE SUCTION Sentry Lite PM1212 Seratron VSM3 CARDIAC MONITOR Siemens 300 SERVO VENTILATOR Siemens LEM PORTABLE XRAY Siemens SERVO VENITLATOR 300 Siemens SURGICAL BED TABLE Sigma SIOTEC PORTABLE SUCTION UNIT 12 Sniffer LL 100030024F Sonnenschein 07191185 Sonnenschein 0789518500 Sonnenschein 3000 INFUSION PUMP Sonnenschein A204/1K Sonnenschein A212/1.1S Sonnenschein A212/1.2S Sonnenschein A312/1.1S Sonnenschein A51212S Sonnenschein CR121.3 Sonnenschein LCR12V1.3P Sonnenschein M84001A5120012S Sonnenschein NGA51201D1HSOSA Sonnenschein PR1212 Sonnenschein PS1212 Sonnenschein PS12120 Sterling Medical 212 INFUSION PUMP Sterling Medical INFUSION PUMP Stierlen-Maquet 113001 O R TABLE Stierlen-Maquet OR TABLE 113001 Superior Health Care 83004 ENTERAL FEEDING PUMP Superior Health Care ENTERAL FEEDING PUMP 83004 Survival Technologie BP711 EMS PRESSURE MONITOR Survival Technologie EMS BP711 PRESSURE MONITOR Technacell EP1212 Technacell EP121226 Technacell TC1212 Trio Lighting TL930219 Ultr Doppler Flow 811B DOPPLER Ultr Doppler Flow NP1212 Union Battery MX12012 Union Battery PW1201.2 Universal Battery UB1213 Vickers 200 Vickers 200 TRANSPORT VENTILATOR Waters Instruments TM2 KIDNEY PUMP PRESERVATION Yuasa NP1212 Yuasa NPH1312 G1212 GB1212 LCR12V1.3P SLA1212 SLA1213


12V 1.3Ah Rechargeable SLA Battery

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