6V 1.3Ah Rechargeable SLA Battery

"Length 3.82 inches, Width 0.95 inches, Height 2.32 inches. Terminals: FO-01, 0.187."

| SKU: BC061P3

$16.75 $7.03

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MICROSPAN 3040 BCI International MICROSPAN OXIMETER Bio Logic Devices 821 Bio Logic Devices OCILLOMATE 821 Biologic BIOFEEDBACK Camino Labs PRESSURE MONITOR Cardiac Resuscitator AE7000 Cardiac Resuscitator AE7000 COMPACT SUCTION UNIT CAS Medical 2001 NEONATAL BP MONITOR CAS Medical 820 NEONATAL BP MONITOR CAS Medical 901 BP MONITOR CAS Medical 915 BP MONITOR CAS Medical 915 MONITOR CAS Medical 920 MONITOR CAS Medical 930 BP MONITOR CAS Medical 930 MONITOR Clockmate Batteries PSLA0601.2 Criticare Systems 503 Criticare Systems 503 PRINTER Criticare Systems 503 PULSE OXIMETER CSB Battery GH613 CSB Battery GP612 CSB Battery GP613 Dantona LEAD61.2 Detex Alarms BATTERY Detex Alarms BE960 Detex Alarms EA2500F Detex Alarms EA2500S Dyna Cell WP1.26 Eagle Picher Batteri CF6V13 elan NPK1.26V ELK Batteries ELK0610 ELS EDS612 Elsar 112 Elsar 23050 Empire NP126 Fire Lite 6100 Global Yuasa Batteri ES126 Golden Top Battery I CB136S GS Battery PE126R GS Battery PE6V1.2 GS Battery PE6V1.2F1 GS Battery PE6V1.3F1 GS Battery PE6V12 Hitachi HP126 IBM 3624 TELLER Interalia Digital LCR1.26 Interalia Digital NP1212 Interalia Digital PS612 Interstate Batteries ASLA0865 IRD Mechanalysis 885 Jasco RB612 Johnson Controls GC612 Johnson Controls JC612 Jolt Batteries SA613 Kobe HP1.26 Ladd Steritak J7000 INTER CRANIAL PRESSURE MONITOR Laerdal Medical AE7000 Laerdal Medical AE7000 COMPACT SUCTION UNIT Life Line 0652001 Life Line E101 COMMUNICATOR Life Line E101A COMMUNICATOR Life Line H101 Life Line H101 COMMUNICATOR Life Line H101A Life Line H101B Lintronics LCR6V1.3P Lintronics MX06012 Lintronics NP126 Long Batteries WP1.26 Marquette BP711 EMS BLOOD PRESSURE MON Marquette EMSBP 711 BLOOD PRESSURE MON Medi-Man 622000 PATIENT LIFT Medtronic VSM 3 VITAL SIGNS MONITOR Mule 6GC004A National Power Corp GS004T2 NCR 3450 Nellcor 240 MONITOR Newark 44F7560 Newark NP126 Newmax FNC612 Newport Medical Inst E100 VENTILATOR Newport Medical Inst E100I VENTILATOR North Supply 782322 North Supply 782361 Novametrix 444201 Novametrix 807 TRANSCUTANEOUS OXY MON Novametrix 811 CO2 MONITOR Novametrix 811 PO2 MONITOR Novametrix 840 CO2 MONITOR Novametrix CO2 MONITOR 811 Novametrix CO2 MONITOR 840 Novametrix PO2 MONITOR 811 Nuclear Associates 05441 Ohio Medical Product 3700 PRINTER Ohio Medical Product 9000 SYRINGE PUMP Ohio Medical Product PRINTER 3700 Ohio Medical Product SERIES 37 PRINTER Ohmeda 9000 SYRINGE PUMP PACE 530 VITALMAX PULSE OXIMETER PACE VITALMAX 530 PULSE OXIMETER Panasonic LCR061R3P Panasonic LCR061R3PU Panasonic LCR6V1.2P Panasonic LCR6V1.3P Parks Medical 611 DOPPLER Parks Medical 613 DOPPLER Parks Medical 809 DOPPLER Parks Medical 811L DOPPLER Parks Medical 811S DOPPLER Parks Medical 909L DOPPLER Parks Medical 911 DOPPLER Parks Medical 911L DOPPLER Parks Medical 911S DOPPLER Parks Medical 915S DOPPLER Parks Medical 922 DOPPLER Parks Medical DOPPLER 611 Parks Medical DOPPLER 613 Parks Medical DOPPLER 809 Parks Medical DOPPLER 811L Parks Medical DOPPLER 811S Parks Medical DOPPLER 909L Parks Medical DOPPLER 911 Parks Medical DOPPLER 911L Parks Medical DOPPLER 911S Parks Medical DOPPLER 915S Parks Medical DOPPLER 922 Parks Theraputic Med 611 Parks Theraputic Med 613 Parks Theraputic Med 811L Parks Theraputic Med 811S Parks Theraputic Med 911S Physio Control 3 CARDIAC MONITOR Physio Control 3 VSM CARDIAC MONITOR Physio Control VSM 3 CARDIAC MONITOR Powersonic PS612 Powertron NPH136 Powertron PE126RF1 Powertron PE6V12RF1 Powertron PE6V1F1 Protection One BT0004N Protocol Systems 240 MONITOR Puritan-Bennett 240 MONITOR Quantum BANTAM Quantum BANTAN Quantum ES126 R&D 5051 R&D 5369 R&D 5639 SET R&D LCR122R3P Radiometer America OXY1 PULSE OXIMETER Radiometer America OXY3 PULSE OXIMETER Remco SLA0865 SBS S612 Scale Tronix 2500 BED SCALE Scale Tronix BED SCALE 2500 Sentry Lite PM612 SIMA SB613 Solo Light 880514 Sonnenschein 07190182 Sonnenschein 0789518200 Sonnenschein A206/1.1SU Sonnenschein A206/1.2S Sonnenschein A206/1.2U Sonnenschein A306/1.1S Sonnenschein A50612S Sonnenschein CR61.3 Sonnenschein LCR6V1.3P Sonnenschein M84001A5060012S Sonnenschein NGA50601D2HSOSA Sscor AD2000 PULSE OXIMETER Sscor AD900 PULSE OXIMETER Sscor PULSE OXIMETER Sunrise Medical Corp TRANSAID BED SCALE Telesys DB612 Tork 61 Tork 6100 Trans-Aid Corporatio SCALE Trio Lighting TL930204 Union Battery MX06012 Union Battery PW0601.2 Universal Battery UB613 Uniwell SLA0865 Vickers OC681 Vickers OXYSCALE OXYGEN MONITOR OC681 Yuasa NP126 Yuasa NPH136 G612 SLA613


6V 1.3Ah Rechargeable SLA Battery

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