12V 18Ah Rechargeable SLA Battery with FP terminals

"Length 7.13 inches, Width 3.03 inches, Height 6.58 inches with FP-01 terminals."

| SKU: BC1218P0FP

$49.89 $29.25

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B15R Kontron KAAT I PLUS Kontron KAAT II PLUS Koyo NP1712B Kung Long WP1812 Light Alarms 8700018 Light Alarms CE15CB Light Alarms CE15CK Light Alarms OSG12E3 Lintronics MX12170 Lintronics NPG1812 Long Batteries WP1512 Long Batteries WP1712 Mansfield 3000 INTRA/AORTA BALLOON PUMP Maquet-Stierlen ALPHA STAR 1130 (2 BATTS) Microups 50 Minuteman B00006 Minuteman BP1 Minuteman PRO 1400 Minuteman PRO14001 Minuteman XRTBP1 MK Battery 1712SLD MK Battery 970421B Narkomed ANETHESIA National Battery C50D National Power Corp GT090S3 National Power Corp GT090SR Newark 50F032 Newark 96F991 Newark JC12170 Newark NPG1812 Newmax FNC12150F Newmax FNC12150F BOLT Newmax FNC12150NB North Supply 782123 North Supply 782126 North Supply 782347 Ohio Medical Product 1000 OXY POWER SYSTEM AUXILIARY Ohio Medical Product OXY POWER SYSTEM 1000 AUXILIARY Oneac ON910 Oneac ON910BP Panasonic LCR12C17CP Panasonic LCR12V15P Panasonic LCRC1217P Panasonic LCX1220AP Panasonic PC24180NB Panasonic PS24180NB Parasystems CP10K Parasystems CP6K Parasystems CP8K Parasystems MINUTEMAN Parasystems MM2000 Parasystems PML2000 Power Battery ES1512 Power Battery PM1217 Power Equipment 2000 MODELS Power Equipment 2001 MODELS Power Equipment WHISPER LITE Powersonic PS12150F Powersonic PS12150NB Powersonic PS12170F Powersonic PS12170NB Powersonic PS12180NB Powersonic STR112046 Powertron PE12V16B1 Powertron PE12V17B1 Protection One BT0353N Protection One BT1003N Pyrotronics 175175476 Quantum ES1512 R&D 5391 R&D 5391F R&D PS12180F R&D RD12180 Remco SLA1116 SBS S12170 SEC Battery ROADBOT Simplex 12V18AH RETROFIT Simplex 92680 Skytron 3500B ELITE (2 BATTS) Skytron 3500B TABLE (2 BATTS) Skytron 6500 ELITE (2 BATTS) Skytron 6500 TABLE (2 BATTS) Softcut G2000 Softcut PS12180 Sola Batteries 57400 Sola Batteries 999110157 Sola Batteries SPS1200A Sola Batteries SPS1200B Solar BOOSTER PAC Solar ES4000 Sonnenschein 0889556500 Sonnenschein 95555 Sonnenschein A212/12 Sonnenschein A212/12G5 Sonnenschein A212/15G Sonnenschein A212/15G5 Sonnenschein A51216G5 Sonnenschein A51217.0G5 Sonnenschein CR1218 Sonnenschein DF25 Sonnenschein M84001A5120160G5 Sonnenschein NGA5120016HSOBA Sonnenschein PS12180NB Sonnenschein PS12260 System Power Special LCR12V17BP System Power Special NPG1812 Tandy 57400 Tandy 999110157 Tandy SPS1200A Tandy SPS1200B Teal 1180015 Teal S1215 Teledyne 2CL12S15 Teledyne 2IL12S15 Teledyne H2BR12S15 Teledyne Big Beam H2RQ12S15 Teledyne Big Beam H2SC12S15 Teledyne Big Beam S1215 Telesys DB1218 Tempest TR1512 Toshiba 100 UPS Toshiba PR00002P31 Toshiba SATELLITE 10KVA Toshiba SATELLITE 1200 10 KVA Trans Canada Battery WP2012 Union Battery MX12170 Union Battery PW1217 Universal Battery UB1218 Universal Battery UB12180 Universal Battery UB12220 Uniwell SLA1116 Yuasa CLTXPA1218NB Yuasa ES1812 Yuasa NP1512 Yuasa NP1512 BOLT Yuasa NP1512F Yuasa NP1712 Yuasa NP1712 BOLT Yuasa NP1812 Yuasa NP1812 BOLT Yuasa NP1812B Yuasa NPG1812 Yuasa NPX80B Yuasa NRX80B Yuasa YLM1812 Zap EV WARRIOR G1217034 SLA1115 SLA12180


12V 18Ah Rechargeable SLA Battery with FP terminals

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