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Werker WKA4-4.5F2 battery

$17.00 $7.75
(You save $9.25)

Product Description

Werker WKA4-4.5F2 Emergency light Battery

The replacement battery supplied by Battery Consulting for Werker WKA4-4.5F2 is a 4V 4.5Ah battery, from Sigma Power Systems.  The part no for each battery is SG0445T1, with T1 terminals.  T1 terminal is a fast on type with a 0.187 inch.  These rechargeable batteries are guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. 

The battery supplied by OEM is 4V 4.5Ah battery.  The capacity battery supplied here consists of  one 4V 4.5Ah. We assure 100% compatibility with original batteries supplier with Werker WKA4-4.5F2 model and you get best price and with highest quality.  Each battery in this high capacity replacement battery for Werker WKA4-4.5F2 has the following features.


Model Voltage (V) Capacity (Ah) Length (inch) Width (inch) Height (inch) Weight (Lbs) Terminals Qty
SG0445T1 4 4.5 2.06 1.89 3.7 1.32 T1 1


  • Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) Technology
  • Maintenance-Free Design with Spill Proof Construction
  • U.L. Recognized and CE Certified
  • Brand New, Factory Fresh
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • We only supply the batteries on hardware. USE THE EXISTING WIRING HARDWARE TO CONNECT THEM.

Chemistry of  Werker WKA4-4.5F2 Battery

This is a SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) battery with rechargeable capability. Positive plate of Werker WKA4-4.5F2 medical battery high capacity battery is made up of lead di-oxide while that of negative plate is made up of lead. Positive and negative plates of the battery are separated by a glass mat.  The electrolyte for this SLA battery is sulfuric acid, with the specific gravity of 1.300.  The electrolyte is absorbed in the separator, glass mat.  Hence it is called “AGM” for this battery technology. 

Construction of 4V 4.5Ah Battery

Each battery in Werker WKA4-4.5F2 consists of two 2V cells. These two cells are connected in series internally to give 4V.  The case material is ABS plastic.  This battery has a nominal capacity of 4.5Ah at 20 hour rate. This means if you discharge the battery from a fully charged state at a current of 0.225 Amp (20 x 0.225 = 4.5) it will take 20 hours to reach the end of discharge voltage of 3.5 V.

Battery ConsultingWerker WKA4-4.5F2 

The equivalent battery supplied by Battery Consulting for high capacity Werker WKA4-4.5F2 Medical battery is SG0445T1 from Sigma Power Systems. 

4V 4.5Ah battery is used in many different applications like Medical devices, small electronics, emergency lights, and security systems and also in solar applications.  Generally SLA battery design life is about five years at 25 C or 77F.  When the temperature of operation is high then the battery life will be reduced.   Also number of times the battery is charged and discharged will have an impact on the life of the battery also.

Life improving Tips for Werker WKA4-4.5F2  battery:

Correct charge voltage is critical for the life of the battery.  Higher than recommended charge voltage can reduce the life of the battery depending on the charging time.  Charging at lower voltage will result in lower capacity and also reduce the life.  Recommended charge voltages are printed on the battery for both cyclic and standby applications.

The capacity of SLA battery will increase with temperature and will have reduced capacity at lower temperatures.  SLA batteries get discharged slowly when not connected to power source, called self-discharge.  Leaving the battery without charge over a long period of time can reduce the open circuit voltage of the battery may damage the battery permanently. Also leaving the battery under discharged conditions for a long period of time will damage the battery permanently.  

Higher temperatures will cause higher rate of grid corrosion and hence reduction in battery life.

Cycle life of the 4V 4.5Ah SLA battery is about 200 when discharged to 100%.  Shallow discharge conditions will increase the cycle life.

Discharging the SLA batteries below 3.5V at slow discharge can also damage the batteries.  This is called over-discharge Usually there will be a low voltage disconnect installed in the systems to stop the battery discharge below certain voltage depending upon the system design.  If you are using the batteries without voltage disconnect make sure the discharge is stopped at or above 3.5V per battery. Over discharged batteries are not covered under warranty.


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